We’re proud to work with leading brands to drive sales while protecting reputation and margins.


Drive Sales

Benja’s proprietary commerce experiences out-perform the market by offering a more direct path to the sale. Benja campaigns result in industry leading sell-through rates and unparalleled engagement.

Our model is simple: we sell product.

Trusted brands like Nike, Lululemon Athletica and Patagonia sell with Benja.


Maintain Margins

Benja is a cost-effective outlet distribution channel that protects margins and provides clear sales attribution by passing the transaction and payment to our Brand Partners after purchase. Our sales platform enables brands to sell premium off-priced products without the operational cost of brick and mortar outlet distribution.

On average, we sell each unit for less than $1.00 per unit.


Protect Brand Equity

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and develop trust with your customers. Our proprietary channels offer control over your branding and provide brand safe distribution.

We work with world-class publishers and media partners to create quality commerce experiences that deliver unexpected value and maintain brand equity.


With Benja, brands maintain a direct relationship with their customers and ownership of the transaction.

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